Every last word you read on You Could if You Wanted to (YCIYWT) pertains to business. That’s because I plan to open a business, and I’m talking to any businessperson who will tell me their business story. I’m collecting all the data I gather into one place, and that place is this blog.

I’m not the only one here, but most of YCIYWT—I’d say 80%—is mine. My name is Lindsey. The business I plan to open is a coffee place, with a twist. I can’t say what the twist is, but it’s a twist. I think I can succeed, against all the odds. But I’d like the bet to be a sure one, as sure as I can get, and to get there I’m reading books, taking courses, subscribing to newsletters, and working in my field of interest to gain experience. So in addition to whittling down the success stories of other young entrepreneurs to their most valuable components, I’m critically analyzing expert advice and sharing my conclusions with others.

Clearly, publishing my intellectual property in a public forum makes it accessible to anyone, but my audience, should I be requested to specify it, is any person interested in embarking on a risky adventure who is yet in need of a little push. My hope is to provide inspiration to those facing the same giants I do—the lack of guarantee, the fear, the debt, the cavernous and looming unknown. Motivation to give up or put off will always be abundant. I would like to provide reason to remain focused, determined, excited, and alive. I believe I can do this by sharing my true experiences, fears included, and the success stories of those who overcame these same obstacles to find rewarding, sustainable livelihoods on the other side.

YCIYWT is, at its heart, my way or organizing myself and keeping refreshed at my dream. I hope that is does the same for you.

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