Inspiration can be a difficult thing, because it blooms excitement, and excitement leads to research, and research often unveils many obstacles that make the original idea seem small and powerless against the odds.

I honestly feel like the times that I have a steady stream of motivation coming my way, the longer the inspiration lasts, and the greater chance it has to grow into something real. So when I came up with the different areas I wanted to focus on in creating a blog to log my progress toward opening my own business, I knew motivation would be a vital one of those areas.

The three features that will be collected under "Motivation" will be "Quarterly Report," "Product Analysis," and "From Your Local Blogger." These will all focus on the triumphs that come from the nit-and-grit of the daily grind. I'm writing this on launch day, so none of these have been published yet, but they will be soon, and then this dialog box will disappear, to be replaced by links to the articles in each of these features. I think these might be the collections I am most excited about--apart from interviews--because they will appear as milestones to mark the success of getting up and putting in the time each and every day. Hard work turns a profit, and here will shine the evidence.